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She mates…

She kills…

She cooks…?

Never trust a hot-tempered, dangerously unpredictable woman whose prize possession is a set of butcher knives. This is the sick and twisted story of Katherine Knight, The Australian woman who killed her boyfriend and served him as dinner for his kids.

John Price (left) and Katherine Knight (right)

John Price's home in Aberdeen, Australia where he was murdered.

Crime scene photo of the bloody hallway where John Price was killed.

Katherine Knight in the hospital the day after the murder after she unsuccessfully tried to overdose on prescription drugs.

Police outside of the crime scene, forever changed by the horrific blood and gore.

Katherine Knight had a history of violence and mental illness.

She was reportedly abused as a child and was witness to her mother, Barbara Knight's rape and spousal abuse by the hands of her father.

Katherine Knight and David Kellett on their wedding day in 1974. He was warned by Katherine's mother not to marry her. He was physically abused by her and later had his skull fractured by Katherine when she hit him with a frying pan..

Katherine Knight dropped out of high school to pursue her dream job at a slaughterhouse. There she rose in the ranks quickly and was given her prized possession- her knives which she proudly hung over her bed throughout her life.

Katherine Knight was sentenced to life in prison for the brutal and heinous murder of John Price without the possibility of parole. She was the first woman in Australia to be handed such a sentence. Today she is an inmate at Silverwater Women’s Prison.

Cannibal killer Katherine Knight puts her hand on Cardinal George Pell’s shoulder during a pastoral visit by the Cardinal.

Katherine Knight today. She is 65.

Check out the podcast episode for the fascinating story of Katherine Knight, Australia's Female Cannibal...

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